Also on, I entered these mini-contests where the host gave you a specific scenario that you had to complete using a character of your choosing. Every one that I did, I used a Valiant character for. Here are the ones I wrote.


Scenario one. Your character is on a stage with a noose around their neck. Two loved ones stand on either side of them, also with nooses around their necks. Your character has thirty seconds to choose two of the three people on the stage with them to die. This is what I wrote. Enjoy! 


These are unedited for mistakes so read at your own discretion. Each one followed the task the host gave me. 


*** CLICK THE BUTTON TO JUMP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND COME UP WITH YOUR OWN SCENARIO. The task can be anything you can think of (within reason) for any Valiant character you want. List the specific task, what character it's for, what they have to do and any restrictions they're supposed to have. I will write that character going through your scenario and it will be featured on here! ***



Jared glared at the strange man, thinking quickly. Thirty seconds.


29, 28, 27….


“Kill me,” Jared hissed.


Averella, the woman on his right struggled against the chains. “Jared, no!” she screamed.


He ignored her, though he couldn’t sense her vague feelings as he normally could have. He did something to keep me from using my powers, Jared thought. It explained why he couldn’t break the chains either.


He glanced to his left. Radon was there.


The man clicked his tongue. "You need one more person!”


20, 19, 18…


Jared wouldn’t let Averella die. That much was certain.


Could he name Radon? The man who had mentored him, gave him a second chance?


He opened his mouth to say the words, only they wouldn’t come.


Radon glanced at him. “Your destiny is far too important to die now, Jared.”


Jared swallowed. “I can’t—won’t lose her,” he pleaded to Radon.


Radon nodded as if understanding exactly who he was talking about.


“Jared!” Averella called. “You can do it! Just… live…” She was crying.


15, 14, 13…


Jared shook his head.


Whatever Averella saw in his eyes, she knew he had made his decision. “Continue the work that Radon started,” Jared pleaded with her.


Her eyes blurred with tears. “Jared… Jared no!”


Jared glanced at Radon one last time, who nodded, as if understanding Jared’s decision and supporting it.


“10, 9, 8…”


“Kill Radon and I,” Jared said, his voice firm, without hesitation.


Averella screamed as the noose came around both Jared and Radon’s necks.


“I love you,” Jared murmured to her.


“Don’t do this Jared! I love you too! If you love me then stay!” Averella’s screams echoed around the entire room as the floor was knocked out from underneath Jared and he fell.


Radon’s neck broke. Jared’s didn’t.


Averella’s screamed was pure, raw agony.


Jared struggled as his airways were blocked. His lungs screamed for air and he tried thinking about Averella to stop the regret that seeped into his bones. At least she would live.


His only regret is that he was leaving her alone.


Blackspots danced at the edge of his vision, until darkness… Averella’s shrieks and darkness was the last thing he heard and saw.

Depressing... Scenerio two. Your character is tied at the bottom of a barrel with a hideous creature above them. Their loved one is with them. The creature tells them to flip a coin. If your character guesses right, they get free. If they guess it wrong, the loved one dies first, and then they die. 

Akari woke up inside a metal barrel. Her hands were bound behind her. Underneath her was her husband, Shinji. He was also bound, and she could tell by the fury in his eyes he was livid. She glanced at her hip, both of their katanas, as well as their wakazashis were gone.


She glanced above her. Some sort of creature, which was pure black in color with blood-red eyes, glared down at them. “I flipped a coin. Heads or tails. You call it, you both can go free. But if you’re wrong… I’ll kill your loved one and then you last.”


Shinji looked as if he wanted to kill him.


Akarki met his eyes. They were not afraid of death, but this…


This was not honorable.


She met the creature’s eyes.


“Well?” he asked, getting inpatient.


She knew right then and there that he was having too much fun to chance it and risk the possibility that they could escape.


The coin had to be rigged. It was double sided, but which side was the one doubled? Heads or tails?


Akari looked back at Shinji and he nodded, as if coming to the same conclusion she did. More than likely, Akari thought, the tendency would be to double it with heads… it was always spoken first.


She hoped she was right. “Heads,” she said, and she hoped she was certain of her answer.


The creature’s eyes narrowed as he lifted up his hand to reveal the coin on his palm. “How did you know?” the creature demanded furiously.


“You’re arrogant and this brings you too much enjoyment to risk us escaping,” Akari explained.


He grumbled but cut her loose. Akari crawled out of the barrel and reached down to help Shinji. She untied him and they both jogged off, as the creature watched them with fury in his eyes.

Surprisingly, I did not go tragic with that one... Wow. Who else is shocked? :) Scenerio three...Our main character, along with two friends, is trapped is a cage (same with the friends) in front of a live audience. The live audience will decide ways to die, and your main character must choose which friend will die that way. They can use any means necesary to escape, but all their weapons have been taken from them. 

Lynia woke up in a cage. Her hands were cuffed to the cage on either side of her. There were two more cages on either side of hers.


“Lynia!” Lynessa, who was on Lynia’s right, shouted. She was also chained, but her sword was gone.

So was Lynia’s bow.


Teshh was on the left side.


Lynia glanced at her hip, only to find that they’d taken her keyring. Her keys were gone.


As a summoner mage without her keys, she couldn’t summon any of the constructs to free them.


“Mine are gone too,” Teshh murmured, seeing Lynia eye her hip.


Crap, she thought.


“What? What kind of auidance watches this stuff?” Lynia demanded harshly.


“A sadistic one, apparently,” Lynessa muttered sarcastically. “At least there’s no water.”


“We as an audience will vote on ways for you to die! You must choose which one of your friends will endure that death! If you successfully choose the two others, we will let you live. But if you do not choose someone in thirty seconds, we will kill you!”


She had to think fast.


“Drowning!” the audience chanted.


Lynessa looked at Lynia in horror.


Well, if she had to choose anyone to drown, it had to be Teshh. She wouldn’t let Lynessa die that way.




Well, that doesn’t sound pleasant either, Lynia thought.


“If you choose anything for me, Lynia, please just make sure I don’t drown to death,” Lynessa muttered.


Lynia nodded. “Yep, I got it.”




Lynia wrinkled her nose.


“Well, dear victim? Which will it be?”


“Really? Drowning, burning and impalement? That’s the best deaths you can come up with?” She grinned at the audience. “Seriously?”


Teshh clicked his tongue. “Um, Lynia, I really don’t think you want to be saying something like that…”

That’s when she remembered: they took her keyring, but she always kept her black key on a necklace around her neck. She couldn’t reach the key, but she closed her eyes and focused her magical energy to the key. Usually, the mage would randomly show up anyway. Now would be a great time to appear, Mythix, Lynia thought.


“By my right as a summoner,” Lynia whispered to the black key, “I command you to appear, black mage!”

Please, actually listen to me this time, she thought.


Mythix appeared outside the cage, crossing his arms. He raised an eyebrow.


“First a kraken, then a cave full of basilisks and now you’ve gotten yourself captured by a live audience? Tsk, tsk, Lynia.”


She loved it so much better before he had been able to talk. She rolled her eyes. “Yes, I know I have a bad habit of getting myself into situations I can’t exactly get out of, but I only have thirty seconds before I die, so can you please save me?!”


He shrugged, pursing his lips. “I don’t know...” He yawned. “I’m a little bit tired today…”


She glared at him. “Mythix you jerk get Lynessa and I out of here now or I’ll—“


He laughed. “You’ll what? Last I check you were the one trapped in the cage, Kitty.” He poked her nose on the word “you.”


Lynia got the sudden urge to throw him off a cliff. An idea finally popped into her mind, and she flitted my eyes at him. “Save us, or I’ll never kiss you again.”


She smirked as his mouth opened, then closed again.


Teshh just scoffed. “If he lets you die, he won’t get to kiss you anyway!”


Lynia grinned at Teshh. “He could get over that. But knowing that I’m alive and unwilling to kiss him… He’d never be able to recover. The blow to his ego would be too big.”


He frowned, but his eyes laughed at her. I love you, those eyes said.




Out of seemingly nowhere, a huge spear appeared in front of Lynia. It inched closer to her heart as the seconds ticked by.


Mythix just stood there, reading a book.


“Mythix! Save me! I really don’t want to be impaled so please put the book down and save me! Now!” She screamed at him.


He held up a finger, but then smirked at her without glancing in her direction. “One moment, I’m just now getting to the good part.”


The spear pierced her flesh.




He rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright, fine!” As he shut the book it disappeared and he waved his hand, which stopped the spear.


As Lynia sagged in relief, Mythix laughed and grinned at her. “Did you really doubt I wouldn’t save you?”


“As close as you let the spear get to me? Yes!”

BAHAHA. I love Mythix! Okay that one was way more on the comical side! Scenerio four... Your character is trapped between floors on an elevator. There is only a briefcase with a screwdriver and crowbar. They have thirty seconds to escape. 

“Bloodly ‘ell,” Peyrce muttered to himself. He woke up, stuck inside of some sort of strange room. The door was cracked, but it was too small for him to fit inside.


Something dripped onto his forehead. When he wiped it off, he realized it was blood.


“Seven seas…” he cursed. There was a briefcase, with a small screwdriver sitting beside it.


A voice came out of seemingly nowhere, but Peyrce had no idea how it was possible. “You have two minutes to escape the lift before it plummets to the basement and crushes you to a pulp.”


“What…?” He cursed to himself again, and bent down to try and pry the briefcase open with the screwdriver.


He finally got the briefcase open, only to find a crowbar. “This’ll help.” He grabbed the crowbar and calmly strolled over to the door. Placing the crowbar in the crack, up against the door, he pressed it up against the wall.

It wouldn’t budge. He tried again, this time grunting. “C’mon ye bloody thing!” Peyrce shouted. He braced his foot against the wall and pushed again.


If he could just get the door open….


“Thirty seconds left…” The voice announced.


His hands were burning and his muscles strained, but the door slid just an inch.


“26, 25, 24…”


He had nowhere to leave the crowbar. He would have to crawl through the doorway before the door slammed shut on him.


Taking a few deep breaths, he slid through the door. It pressed against his right shoulder, and he was sure he broke something, but he ignored the flare of pain.


He wasn’t out yet. The floor was several feet below him, and if he moved, he would hit his head on another floor above him. He crouched down, afraid of being squished.


“10, 9, 8…”

He slid outwards, trying to get his feet to slide through. The lift creaked and started moving downwards.

But his leg was caught.


“5, 4, 3…”


He pulled and yanked but his leg wouldn’t come. His hands reached the floor below him, as he tried again to pull his leg out. It slipped just enough to slide most of his leg out, but his ankle was still trapped.


“2, 1…”


The elevator came down with a loud crash. Pain burst through his ankle and distantly he heard someone screaming.

He crawled away, suddenly his leg was free, but all he felt was pain. Blackspots danced at the edge of his vision, as agony rippled through his ankle.


When he looked down, his leg was covered in blood, and his foot was no longer there.  

Yikes. Okay so apparently I chopped off Peyrce's foot.... Gruesome. Scenerio five... Your character is trapped in a hole. It is raining and water is filling it rapidly. They have their normal weapons, but no powers and they are too injured to climb up on their own without some sort of help. 

Aidan woke up groggily. Rain pelted onto his face as he sat up and accessed his surroundings. He winced as pain radiated from his ankle. The bone was sticking out. His bow and quiver was still on his back, still full of arrows. He looked around and saw an iron bar nearby, along with a blunt knife, and a hooded cloak. He grabbed the cloak and stuck it inside his mouth to bite on as he slammed the bone back in place.


Agony rippled through his leg and blackspots danced around his vision. When he could see again he panted. His shoulder ached, but he didn’t think it was too bad.


He was inside of a hole, fifteen foot up. There were holes on one side, which meant he could climb out, but not with one broken ankle. He wouldn’t be able to get any good footholds, especially with how slick the rain was making the bricks.


There was another problem: the rain was also filling up the hole with water. He had some time, but not much.

He used a dagger in his belt to quickly rip apart the cloak into as many strips as he could, but left them thick enough that they could hold his weight without ripping. He tied them all together, and then tied the end of them to the iron bar. It wasn’t too heavily weighted, fortunately.


He slipped an arrow out of the quiver and tied the iron bar to the arrow. He was thankful his arrows were strong and sterdy. He nocked the arrow into his bow, drew it back, aimed and let it fly.


His aim was perfect. The arrow implanted itself into one of the holes at the very top of the hole, jamming deep into the wall. He had used enough strength to make sure the arrow was inbedded deep into the hole, so that it wouldn’t slip under his weight.


He could only hope that his makeshift ropes held together. He knew he would be able to climb the rope with his hands, rather than climb the wall with his unusable ankle. As water lapped around his waist, he placed his hands on the rope and began climbing.

Well that was short. If I remember right, I wasn't too inspired on that one. Scenerio six... Okay scenerio six we had to use characters from a fandom, not our own stories. So skipping to scenerio seven... Your character wakes up in a jail cell. They will have a trial the next morning for murder and if they're found guilty they will be executed. They can give up a loved one and get out of it, or try to escape but there is no other way out other than a trap door, leading them to an unknown fate. Oh and I just remembered that these were judged on whether your character would have survived or not. 

Jared’s eyes blinked open, only he couldn’t sense any objects around him. He felt his eyes, and realized that they were uncovered, guessing maybe someone had tried to blindfold him to take away his powers. His eyes were uncovered, and once again he was cursing the day he became blind.


Only this time, he didn’t have his powers to help him see.  He stretched out with his senses, and though he heard voices murmuring nearby, couldn’t sense any of their thoughts and feelings.


His abilities were somehow gone.


“Averella?” he whispered, hoping not to draw too much attention. He had no idea where he was, or what kind of situation he was in.


“Shut up in there!” a bellowing voice yelled.


Jared slowly sat up, and felt around him. There was a wall to his right, and as he sat up it was behind him. He cautiously slid off the bed or whatever he had been lying on, and knelt on the floor. He felt around him, trying to get a sense for how big the room was.


“Where am I?” he asked, hoping the voice replied.


The only response was a “harrumph.”


He hated feeling vulnerable because it was a feeling that was foreign to him. He needed to know where he was, what happened and more importantly, where Averella was and if she was okay.


But he couldn’t bring himself to beg.


“Where am I? What happened?”


There was a frustrated say. “You’re in jail for murder. Your trial will be later today. If you’re found guilty, you’ll be killed. Now shut your mouth!”


Jared swallowed. It all came back to him: Averella when she had shown up at his room, crying, covered in blood. He hated sensing her fear and distress; her utter terror at what she had done.


Most of all, he hated the blood he had sensed on her hands. No blood should ever have stained her hands as it had stained his. She was safe, but the authorities of the world they were currently on had come for her.


He had gone with them in her place.


He wasn’t about to stand trial and explain what had really happened—there was no way he could allow Averella to suffer that fate.


After all, he had killed much more than she had.


If anyone deserved to be on trial and executed for murder, it was him.


But he couldn’t leave her, not when they were on this world alone, away from Radon and the others. He had to protect her. He refused to leave her alone.


He had to escape.


Without his powers, was escape even possible? I can’t even see! he yelled frustratingly in his thoughts.

His hands came to something in the middle of the floor.  Pausing to listen for whoever the voice was, he continued feeling around whatever was in the floor. There was a handle, and it appeared to be square in shape.

He suspected it was a hatch of some sort, but he wasn’t sure.


I don’t have a choice. It’s a chance I have to take, he thought.


He pulled on the handle and slid open the square as quietly as possible He waited, pausing again to listen to find out if anyone had seen him. Satisfied that no one had, he felt around. There was an opening in the floor, also square in shape.


Inhaling  sharply, he slid his legs in the opening and jumped down.

I don't know why, but I love the idea of a short story about this in more detail. Anyone else agree? Scenerio eight... Your character is on vacation. Nearby, a fire breaks out and someone runs up to you asking you to save their child, who is trapped inside. If they go back for it, they die. This was about development. What would your character do?

Every vacation I try to take goes wrong, Shinji thought. He refused to even think about the last time he and his wife had gone on vacation. She was somewhere doing something womanly with her friends, leaving him to relax on a beach.


He was a warrior—always would be. Relaxing on a beach just didn’t suit him. Part of him was actually happy when something went wrong.


A building was on fire and people all around him were running and screaming. A woman ran up to him, and though he couldn’t understand what she was saying—she was speaking English too fast for him to keep up—he could tell by her body language and frantic speaking that her child was trapped in the building.


“I’ll get your child,” Shinji said, hoping he had chosen the correct English words. He darted off toward the burning building.


Beams holding the building together was collapsing. He could feel the heat from outside the door. He knew he wouldn’t make it through the door, so smiling, he got an idea. Jumping onto the side of the wall, he began scaling it. It reminded him of the many times he had scaled buildings during battle.


There was a window to his right, and from what he could see, the fire wasn’t as bad there. He could hear the screaming child from there, so he knew he was close. He slipped in and through the window and then squinted, trying to see through the smoke. Flames licked the walls, jumping around the room.


“Where are you?” he asked, hoping the child would answer.


“In here,” the child called.


He rounded a corner to see a young girl hovering in the corner. His chest ached as he thought about his own daughter. Hunching down so he wouldn’t frighten her, he rushed forward as quickly as he could. The girl screamed as he picked her up, but he gently pressed her face into his chest to keep her from breathing in the smoke.

It was heavy in the air, making it difficult to breathe. Shinji tried to stay low as he headed back toward the window—or at least where the window had been.


He had to get the child out alive—for his baby girl that he so desperately missed.


He collapsed onto the ground, coughing. He shifted his weight to keep from squishing the girl. It was easier to breathe lower to the floor, so he crawled, and slowly made his way over to the window.


Blackspots danced at the edge of his vision, and he blinked several times to try and stay awake.


“Shinji!” The voice was faint, but it was there—his wife was yelling for him.


He forced himself to his feet and ignored the way his lungs burned. He had to make it out alive.

I remember doing Shinji because I desperately wanted to know more about what he would do. At this time I had never written from his POV before. Scenerio nine... Your character wakes up in a coffin being buried alive. There are men above them, burying them and you must convince them to let you out, either by threatening or blackmailing them - just somehow escaping. 

Skull woke up. Though his head was throbbing from pain, he didn’t feel it. He never did. Normally, it would have been too dark for human eyes to see, but for him, he could see every tiny detail. From the cracks and splinters in the wood of the lid of the coffin above him, to the tiny particles in the air swirling around him.


He was quite surprised someone actually had gotten the drop on him. Images surfaced in his memory—images of torture he had endured. Being locked inside a locked box for days without food or water as a torture tactic threatened to bring back the feelings of terror and fear, of being closed in too tightly. Darkness swelled around him, suffocating him until he couldn’t breathe.


Instead of allowing the darkness to force him to bow down to the terror, it strengthened him. He drew it into himself, allowing it to empower him.


He could hear the faint thuncks as two men outside used shovels to pour dirt onto the coffin. Skull smiled. Before he escaped, he was going to toy with them a bit.


“You’re murderers, correct?” he asked, making his voice light and harmless with just a twinge of fear thrown in.


“Obviously!” one shouted.


“What gave that away?”


“I have a proposal… I could use two men like you to work for me,” Skull said.


“What kind of proposal?”


Knowing full well that they were only concerned about business, money and fame, Skull chose his next words carefully. “One that will make everyone on earth aware of your little business.”


Slowly, ever so slowly, the lid opened.


“Alright, we’ll talk. But if we don’t like what you have to say, we’ll bury you!” the man threatened.


Feigning fear, Skull nodded shakily. “Of course.”


The foolish men believed he was still immobile from the drugs they had injected into his system.


Their mistake.


“I work for someone who would pay you handsomely for your work,” Skull smiled, making it seem genuine.


“How much?”


“An amount worth more than either of your lives,” he said, and he lost all emotion to his voice—it was nothing but a monotone as he jumped out of the coffin and snapped the first man’s neck. The second one collapsed onto the ground, begging to get away from him.


“P—please! We weren’t really going to kill you! Wh—what about your deal?”


“There is no deal,” Skull snarled right before throwing the man into the coffin and burying him alive. 

I knew this scenerio was perfect for Skull, which was why I chose him. Scenerio ten... Your character is now the final two in the Hunger Games. This is the moment they strategize about how to win. No action allowed. This is about their decision. 

Once again I’m in a prison, hiding and running for my life while being chased by crazy people who want to kill me, Averella thought. She had somehow managed to make it to the final two, and even as she spoke, her and the other opponent was in the center of the arena.


Trouble was, her opponent had an axe and ten throwing knifes, whereas Averella only had a makeshift spear and a bow that she was no good at. She had only killed one person by accident and the other tribute had killed four.

How am I going to survive this? she wondered. What would Jared do? She knew the answer to that immediately; he would have sped through the entire arena and killed all the tributes before they could even blink.


She was only human; she had nothing but this spear. Okay, think about what Jared would do without his powers, she thought. She began forming a plan, one that Jared would come up with.


Staying high in the trees. They might be in the center of the arena, but there were still trees to the side. She could climb one of the trees and take the other tribute by surprise.


It was her only chance.


She knew what she was doing with a spear—she had trained with Rothan. She was confident she could throw it and kill the last tribute without being seen. It wasn’t honorable, but she had no choice. If the tribute and her fought in normal combat she was sure the tribute would kill her.


I have to get back home… to Jared, she promised. She clambered up a tree and waited for the last tribute to arrive.

Okay, corection THAT is the shortest one I've written. Wow that even beats Aidan's. Scenerio eleven... Your character is in the underwater situation from Harry Potter and the Goblit of Fire (I think that's what it's called if I remember right). Your character is the one chained in the ocean, only their partner hasn't come for them yet. How do they escape? They do have their powers or abilities. 

When Jared opened his eyes, he realized he was underwater. The water strengthened him, filling him with energy, boosting his powers.


He glanced around, and remembered the task. Averella hadn’t come for him yet.


He could hear the Grindylows getting closer. Their screeching rang in his ears.


On the ocean floor was rocks, seaweed and even an old, sunken ship.


Breathing in deeply, he used all the strength he could muster to break out of the chains.


The instant both of the chains were freed from the ocean floor, a Grindylow darted toward him. He used his speed to grab one of the rocks and come around behind the Grindylow and slam the rock onto its’ head. He may have powers, but he knew he needed some sort of weapon to fight them all off.


More were coming his way. He wasn’t worried about air; he had several minutes before he would need it.

He twisted to the left as quickly as the water would allow him to avoid a Grindylow grabbing for his arm. He swung his right hand, which held the rock, to pound it against its’ skull. He heard a crack and the water around him turned black and red. He could smell the rusty twinge of blood. Fortunately, the cloud of blood wouldn’t affect his sight, since he couldn’t see anyway.


He ducked downward, pushed off the ocean floor and stabbed the rock into a Grindylow’s chest. There was another group of them coming toward him, but he used his speed to swim upwards, pushing against the pressure of the water.


He could only hope that Averella was safe.

These are getting and staying shorter... Scenerio twelve... Your character just watched a loved on die. They have the choice to bring them back using a spell, which will kill them. Do they decide to do it, or not? 

Peyrce stared at Neline’s dead body for what seemed and felt like hours.


She had died right in front of him.  He slipped the gurney she was lying on into the back and locked the door behind him.


What he was about to do would no doubt get him killed.


He closed his eyes, concentrating on the spell in his hands, focusing all of his energy toward her body. He could feel the energy pulsating away from him and into her. His breathing quickened and he fought to keep his heart rate steady.


He was going to use too much energy.


Gritting his teeth, he pleaded with whatever was out there, that he could just bring her back….


Her eyes opened and she gasped, sitting up. She looked from her stomach to his face. The only evidence that there had been a wound there was the dried blood all over her.

He collapsed onto her, wrapping his arms around her tightly.


“What did you do?” she demanded.


He swallowed, slipping his hands on either side of her face. “I—I brought ye back, Neline. I just couldn’t live without ye.”


She smacked him, hard.


The pain he felt wasn’t physical…


It was a harsh pain, deep inside his chest.


“How dare you! You know the consequences of this! You just threw your life away for me!”


Clenching his hands into fists, he shook his head. “I did it for ye! Because I love ye, Neline!”


“No you don’t. You’re just afraid of being alone. Well, you can deal with the consequence of this alone because I’m done. You’ve taken you’re selfishness too far this time.” She pushed herself off the gurney and started toward the door.




She interrupted him, glancing over her shoulder at him with tears in her eyes. “Goodbye, Peyrce.”

Ouch. Okay not only is Neline a jerk in this one... that's a lot harder to read after you know what happens in Valiant Part One. Moving on... Scenerio thirteen...Your character wakes up in a morgue. They are naked, wrapped in a sheet, just like a body would be. They have all their powers, but their weapons are gone. 

The first thing Lynia realized was that her body was cold.  The second thing was that she was lying on a hard, cold, metal surface. The last, most important, surprising thing that she noticed was that she was completely naked.

What… is… happening? she wondered to herself. She pulled the sheet down to uncover her face, only to have the woman who’d been standing there completely freak out.


As Lynia glanced around the room, seeing strange weapons and food from a world she didn’t recognize, she remembered Jared and the others telling her on this world they were terrified of people coming back from the dead.


Lynia didn’t understand it one bit, but she stood and calmly tried to explain things to the woman, who was now in hysterics. “Wait—I’m not dead! I’m still alive and breathing, see?” Lynia held out her arms and the woman screamed and slammed her hand against a device on the side of the wall, before grabbing a strange weapon off the wall and aiming it directly for her.


Her keyring was gone.


Fortunately, she wore her most precious key—the black key—across her neck on a necklace. “By my right as a summoner, I command you to appear, black mage!” she shouted, as the woman fired the weapon.


She winced as she heard a loud bang and closed her eyes, expecting the strange weapon to kill her.


Mythix stood in front of her and had just barely enough time to create an earth shield out of magic. He threw a fireball at the woman, who screams was soon cut off as she fell to the ground, burnt to a crisp. “First a kraken, now a crazy wom—“ Mythix cut off short, as he turned around to stare at Lynia’s naked body.


It took Lynia a second to realize what he was gaping at, before she finally realized that she was naked.


He smirked at her and winked. “Well, if you wanted to have a game of striping, why didn’t you just say so?”


“Mythix! I don’t want to strip!”


He shrugged. “Funny… it seemed like it to me. Alright, I’ll start stripping then… since you asked nicely.” He started slipping his robes off.


Lynia screamed at him, holding his hands in place so he couldn’t take his robes off. “No stripping!” She huffed, and feeling her cheeks grow warm with embarrassment, quickly grabbed the sheet off the metal table and wrapped it around her.


“I could always help you with that…” Mythix offered.


Lynia shot him a glare over her shoulder as she tied the sheet in place.


He shrugged and grabbed an apple out of a pack against the wall. He grinned at her, and she lightly blushed at the memory of the first time he’d eaten an apple in her presence.


As he chomped on the apple, seemingly unsurprised or uncaring on their current situation, she strolled up to the door and tried the handle. “It’s locked.” She frowned.


She turned around to look at Mythix, who just lifted an eyebrow and took another bite of the apple. “What?”


“Get the lock!”


“I’m eating,” Mythix complained.


Lynia could hear some sort of alarm blaring, and though she didn’t know what it meant, she knew guards would be coming for them soon. “Mythix, please get the lock! Guards are heading our way!”


“Alright, alright, fine.” Mythix grumbled and cursed as he waved his hands, casting an unlock spell.


The door creaked open.


“Thank you,” Lynia huffed, slipping out the door. She got halfway down the hallway before she realized Mythix wasn’t following her.


He was still in the room, shuffling through the pack of stuff.


“Um, Mythix?”


“Hmm?” he asked without looking at her.


“What are you doing?” She placed her hands on her hips, and his back was turned, so he couldn’t see her glaring at him.


“Going through this stuff… It’s unusual… I mean, what is this thing, anyway?” He held up a black-wand looking device and shook it around. He wrinked his nose and glanced at her, as if expecting her to answer.


He tapped the device, but nothing happened.


“We should… you know… probably go. Like, now!” Lynia yelled frantically.


Mythix laughed. “Did you forget I could just teleport us out of here?”

Haha! Everytime Mythix gets involved in these, they end up comical instead of serious! :D Scenerio fourteen... I actually don't remember this one. I think it had to do with an earthquake situation. Your character falls and is injured. There is only a cotton sack and rope nearby. I think - if I remember right.

Averella landed on the floor, banging her skull against the concrete floor with a sharp thud. She blinked several times to see whoever had been in front of her was dead. Debris scattered the floor around her, and the rest of the floor wouldn’t last long.


Her leg was broken.


She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming. She had to get to the door quickly. Blackspots danced at the edge of her vision and she swallowed back something sour in her throat, fighting back nausea.


She reached over to grab a cotton sack and a rope that was within her reach. Her fingers shook as she tried to hurry and wrap the sack around her leg, and then used the rope to tie it securely.


The floor was cracking. She grabbed a nearby wooden board and used it as a makeshift crutch and forced herself to her feet. She bit her lip to try and keep from screaming, but a scream escaped her lips anyway.


The cracking above her continued to rip the ceiling apart. Gritting her teeth, she half-jumped, half-limped to the door, using the wooden board to support her weight on her broken leg.


She had to make it out alive.

Another short one. Why is it that almost every time it's a life or death situation, either Jared or Averella get put through it. So unfair! Scenerio fifteen... Your character is inside a building with a hoarde of zombies on the way. All they have is their weapons and they must strategize about how they plan to survive. 

All Akari had on her was her katana. She wouldn’t need much more.


She knew the zombies were approaching quickly, so she didn’t have much time. Using all the strength she could muster, she moved the fridge in front of the front door, then used the wardrobe to block the back one.


Their growling and hissing grew louder. Dashing as quickly as she could, she tore open the chest drawers and managed to stack them against the window to baracade it as best as she could.


It may have been her first time against zombies, but it wasn’t her first time in a war, and it certainly wouldn’t be her last. She knew how to barcade rooms, how to hold them until further help arrived. There wasn’t any food or water in the room, and she knew she would have to find water the next morning, but once the zombies quit for the night, she could quickly search around the immediate area for water, and she knew she could last several days without food.


She took her katana out of her sheath and waited.

That was interesting. Go Akari! Scenerio sixteen... Your character has been stabbed.  They have to figure out how  in two minutes or they will die. 

“You have been stabbed. There is medical attention waiting for you, if you figure out how you were injured within two minutes.” The grating voice over the loudspeaker made Jascini’s ears ring. She sat up and immediately noticed that she was once again wearing tight ball gown and corset.


And here I thought I’d gotten away from all that when I left my world, she thought bitterly.


Glancing down at herself, she couldn’t see any wounds on her legs or arms, and she felt around to make sure her head and neck wasn’t bleeding. That probably means I was stabbed on my chest or stomach somewhere. The corset is tight enough to stop the bleeding, but I have to make sure, she thought.


She tore open the dress, quickly going through the all—too familiar layers until she reached the corset. Though it made her hands sore, she ripped it open using all the strength she had.


As soon as the corset came off, blood gushed out of her side. Immediately pain seized her and a groan escaped her lips. She gritted her teeth as she tore the outer layer of the dress apart and wrapped it around her waist as tightly as she could.  The cloth would constrict the wound and keep it from bleeding.


Now she had to escape.


She knelt down by the corset and tore it apart until she found the tiny pins deep inside it. Grabbing one of the pins, she rushed over to the hatch in the middle of the floor, which was locked.


It wouldn’t be the first time she had to pick a lock to escape from a place.


She slipped the pin in the lock and turned it until she heard a click. Once she did, she twisted it and then the lock cracked open. Opening the hatch, she hesitated only a second before jumping down inside the dark tunnel underneath.

Jascini.. I have missed her a lot! Scenerio seventeen... They are in a library with a book of their life, including how it would end.  if they take the book home they will be dead by morning. 

Jascini heard the librarian’s words in her head, ringing over and over again. “If you take the book home, you will be dead by morning. That’s how the story ends. I’ve seen it happen.”


Jascini desperately wanted to read the book—to see how her life ended. But if checking the book out caused her premature death, then what was the point?


She glanced at the page to see the librarians words etched there at the end. She traced her eyes over the blank pages, desperate to know how her story ended.


“No one should have the power to see the future. It is for God, and only Him, to know,” Jascini said.

She left the book on the table and left the room.

Another Jascini one! Wow. That's the last one. Not that exciting for a grand finale, huh? Well if you have any more creative scenerios, even if it's from another book, movie, TV show, Anime, whatever, then let me know. You can even request a specific character it's for. I'll write it and update it on here (even giving you credit for the scenerio idea). I can't write any new ones without your guys' ideas, so keep them coming! 


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