This is my dog - my baby. 
Name: Bry
Breed: Beagle Hound Mix (other half unknown). 
Personality: Loveable, laid-back, loves food.
Story: We got Bry from the Stover animal shelter and he was brought in there after running away, found cut up. They nursed him back to health and now we have given him a loving home and have helped him overcome a lot of fears from past abuse. 
This is my little sister's dog
Name: Lila
Breed: Full Australian Shepherd
Personality: Active, curious, smart, playful.
Story: We got Lila from the Stover animal shelter at the same time as Bry. Not much is known about her before, but she's super playful and active and loves running circles in our yard and chasing the cats. If you don't give her something to do, she'll find something on her own. 
This is my mom's dog
Name: Spencer
Breed: 1/3 Chiawawa 2/3 Dachshund
Personality: Loyal, protective, stubborn. 
Story: We bought Spence from his previous owners when he was just a puppy so we've had him the longest out of the bunch. We've watched him grow over the years and for whatever reason, he attached himself to my mom and now you can hardly separate the two of them. 


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